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About Us

Business Summit is the brainchild of a highly respected business innovator, Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman. This summit, which has been physically running with tremendous success since 2017, will now transform to the digital centre point for businesses all around the world; either for any entrepreneur to raise funding for their ideas and projects, for investors to find ready-to-go projects to generate healthy returns, or for businesses to expand their target markets easily in a densely populated business crowd. Business Summit offers legitimate and authentic information of all parties involved, with the opportunity to push businesses on a Global Scale.

Business Summit aims to be the world leader in connecting B2B, B2C, B2G and G2G business affairs.


"To be the world leader in connecting Businesses to scale up their financial results"


Business Summit will achieve its purpose by excelling in each business department, following these principles:


Business Summit ensures the highest level of integrity and professionalism in assisting our clients that are coming from any corner of the world. We are geographically strong in all continents. This gives us the unique strength to attract strong people to make deals where no one else can, with the minimum of effort and cost.


Our team is structured with serious business-minded individuals from across the world. These individuals are dedicated, ready to go, ready to do, and ready to serve. We bear common values and integrity as well as being fully competent, well-trained, high tolerance to take pressure of any level to ensure the safety of the investors, project owners, and the investment involved.


We have applied the best available technology to run our business smoothly. Completely system driven, MIS is in effect and ERP is in progress to ensure every step is monitored by a technologically advanced procedures. Customers are well taken care of with the highest possible technological advanced processes.


We care for our brand name, "Business Summit". In every single step, the actions of our team member are carefully measured to take the brand to a new height every day and becoming the trendsetter in our field.


Our Sales Team is recognized globally in the industry as the best-in-class sales organization. We have customer onboarding down to a science and have an ongoing customer engagement model that maximize long-term customer retention and eliminates churn. We are heavily weighted towards a larger set of repeat customers with predicated customer needs. We are thriving to double the business every year, for the next three years nonstop.


Our Team is aware of the global trend, thus continuously taking proactive actions and adopting the appropriate strategy. Digital marketing and target-audience oriented approach is our specialty. Our team is triggering new marketing technology, features offering the best possible benefits to the stakeholders, harvesting the best possible results for the Company.


Having a crystal-clear financial plan, system, and software in place, our financial management is one of the best in the world by providing every second update of what is happening. Ensuring payment gateways by our banking and payment partners, we are capable to process payments faster, ensuring error-free transactions. This enables efficient cash flow management, disbursement, taxation, timely submission of the period, and yearly Financial Report to the management, accountants and Government agencies concerned.


While serving this very special segment of connecting business globally with our specialty tools, we do care for the quality. Thus, a Quality Assurance Board (QAB) is constantly monitoring quality of our services. Deviation or Fall on Customers satisfaction is seriously viewed, thus, we assure the quality of delivering the services promised, instead of rectifications of the mistake made.


Keeping the global trend in mind, to retain our specialty in the field of Business Connections, we consistently recruit the industry's knowledge-based younger generations. By providing them appropriate training, we build the best possible team. Continuous training is part of the company's policy.


We have built a reputation for being tremendously strong in our field, the high quality of our work, and our fast-legal service. Our team is fully capable of ensuring the legal support to the customers, as well as our own work process are legally vetted in every step to avoid end conflict with any of our stakeholders anywhere in the world. We practice the lowest possible legal issues in the business, taking full precautionary steps in our business executions.


Our small but effective team have the purpose to fulfil our commitment to the community through making dedicated wild success. Several planning is in place to help the communities globally, extending assistance with our services, investing from our profits, and turning our focus towards the global population that are living below the poverty line. Continuous search for good quality project that are able to change lives are the job of our Community Team.
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